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The Peach Tree Tea Room Cookbook
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The Peach Tree Tea Room Cookbook is the first cookbook I wrote in 1990.  When people ask me which one to buy first, I usually tell them to start with this one, simply because it is the first one.  It is filled with recipes that we used when we first opened our restaurant, and that we still feature on our menu.  To name a few...... Cynthia's Chicken Salad, Herb Mayonnaise, Jalapeno Pimento Cheese, Chilled Avocado Soup, Collins Chocolate Cake and Monterey Quiche.  The recipes have proven to be easy to follow, and the book is filled with personal notes and memories.


The Peach Tree Family Cookbook
Price $19.95 

The Peach Tree Family Cookbook is the second book - largely a continuation of recipes used in our restaurant and catering.  Tomatillo Salsa, Chicken Pozole Soup, Caesar Salad, Blueberry Pecan Muffins, Summer Basil Pesto, Super Good For You Bread are popular.  There is a wonderful section of pizza recipes developed by my daughter Tina - and treasured recipes from my mother-in-law's kitchen - Albondigas (Mexican Meatball Soup) and Carne Guisada.  As with the first cookbook, there are lovely illustrations by my good friend, Becky Crouch Patterson.


With Love, From Cynthia 
Price $21.95 

The third cookbook is With Love, from Cynthia, written in 1999.  I wrote this book shortly after losing our 23 year old son.  It has very personal reflections on the importance of family and the role food plays in our lives.  When prepared and served lovingly, it is a tool used to bring us together, to pause together, to deepen our relationships, and enjoy one another.

The recipes we regularly featured in our restaurant are the very popular Jalapeno Sweet Potato Soup, Cranberry Salsa, and Lemon Lush Pie.  I'm very proud of the bread section showing step by step how to make the savory filled breads that we feature daily on our menu.  And there is a really wonderful section explaining how to roast a variety of vegetables.